image 1920s/The Great Gatsby:OOTD


Hey, Baby, you’re the Bees-Knees!

Even though “Gatsby” the film didn’t impress me much (with the exception of DiCaprio’s performance), I enjoyed participating in coasttocoast’s “The Great Gatsby/roaring 20s” outfit of the day challenge . When I think of the 1920s, I can’t help but think of red lips, pearls, boas, feather headbands, and flapper dresses, heels, and sass (my favorite “accessory”). As for my outfit, I wanted to channel my inner-1920s gal while still giving it a modern-day vibe, and I think the result did both. I liked pairing up my blue polka-dotted dress with strands of pearls, and couldn’t envision the attire without bold red lips.



To complete the look I included nude open-toe pumps, a white flower ring, (one of my favorite hand candy pieces) and a little bit of curls in my hair for a subtle touch. Yes, I wrote on my bathroom mirror with lipstick (confession alert: it was an old red lipstick and not the MAC one pictured) and contrary to what some of my friends thought, it wasn’t hard to clean. Thanks, Windex! I have yet to try Papa Portokalos‘ suggestion of putting Windex on those pesky blemishes that like to appear always at the most inconvenient of times. I digress. Well, the digression was fitting as I have reached the end of this post.


OOTD Details

Dress: Forever 21 (purchased over a year ago)

Heels: Guess-Nude, open-toe pumps (old)

Lipstick: MAC-“Russian Red” (Matte)

Pearls: Forever 21 (purchased many moons ago)



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