Birthday Chocolate Kiss Cookies

“It’s My Birthday, and I Can Bake If I Want To!”

Where do I begin? How about from the top? Yesterday, Wednesday, July 31st, was my birthday, but celebrations for my day of birth actually kick-started on Friday, July 26th. My fiance and sister joined forces and surprised me with a birthday get-together with family and friends. I was told dinner was just going to be the fabulous five (my fiance, two sisters, brother-in-law) and I, but to my pleasant surprise I was met with familiar and missed faces and an “It’s A Boy” birthday balloon! I know what you’re thinking, “uhh, ‘it’s a boy’?” That balloon was just for giggles (I like to do things in order, thank you) and was complements of my future facetious brother-in-law. You don’t believe such a balloon exists? Oh, I may or may not include the picture below. However, the focus of this post isn’t the balloon but rather the birthday cookies I whipped up to share with my fellow co-workers.


I wasn’t sure what kind of cookies I wanted to make initially, but I knew I wanted something easy, new, and delicious–with a bake and prep time that wasn’t too daunting or time consuming. After a full day at work, the part of me that just wanted to unwind was challenging the part of me that wanted to bake; luckily, the side that wanted to bake won! What I like about these “Chocolate Kiss Cookies” (my name for them) is that they’re, well, chocolate! The cookies came out moist and chewy with almost a brownie-esque texture, but the process wasn’t without one minor hiccup.


After following the recipe’s directions, I noticed the cookie batter was sticky and slightly runny. I added more flour than the recipe asked for hoping to thicken the batter, but it seemed to embrace the flour while tenaciously maintaining its sticky and runny consistency. I figured my temporary batter blunder must have been a common problem among bakers, and after a quick Google search, I realized it was. One person suggested to cover the cake batter and refrigerate it for an hour more or less, while another person suggested to do the same but in the freezer for thirty minutes. I went with the latter, and I’m glad I did. After the batter was chilled it thickened and become easy to mold. Phew!


I sprinkled some powdered sugar on a cutting board, took about a teaspoonful of cookie batter, rolled into a ball using my hands, and then rolled it into the powdered sugar. What’s particularly nice about the powdered sugar in this recipe is that the white contrasts the rich dark color of the cookie and as the cookie rises, it breaks, and the white powder fills the cookie’s crevices. The recipe says to bake the cookies for 7-8 minutes but I went with 10 minutes just to be safe, and again, was happy I did. Instead of using the traditional Hershey’s kisses I used the Hershey’s “Hugs” which are white chocolate with strips of milk chocolate. That, too, proved to be a great choice as the white chocolate complemented the chocolate cookie and didn’t take away. My loved ones decided to feed my liking to all things chocolate, jewelry, and dresses (and my gifts included variations of the three, included the Hershey’s “Hugs”). In addition, my boss, who, in a short period of time, has become a dear friend gave me baking starter kit for my future kitchen in my future home with the fiance. Yeah, without getting sappy, I thought it was cute, too! Anyway, the cookies were a hit and were devoured instantly. I’ll definitely will be whipping up a batch for some of my favorites soon! Just click on the links below for the recipe as well a website to refer to whenever you encounter a “sticky” situation in the kitchen, hashtag “seewhatididthere?” 😉


Chocolate Sin Cookies (recipe borrowed from “Sweet Basil”)

Baking Blunder Survival Guide

With that said, I’m off to bed. Good night, World!



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