The Standard LBD

Friday is my favorite day of the week, but there’s something about Saturday night that just makes me feel goooooood. Extra “o’s” for emphasis. I like my wardrobe full of color, but occasionally I’ll stumble upon something black (wait, I just remembered something; black is a shade not a color, gasp) that is oh-so-sassy, classy, and fun. Case in point: My little black dress (LBD). Every girl should have at least one little black dress in her closet. Why? Don’t ask why, just trust! Black is chic. Black allows the accessories, make-up, and hair to make statements to add to it without taking away from its glory. After all, in terms of an outfit or look, there should be one focal point. Everything else should enhance the focal point.
Anyway, I spent last night in Downtown Los Angeles on the rooftop with other 20-somethings at “The Standard.” For most it is and was a place to see and be seen. For moi, it was a place to enjoy with my fiancĂ©, catch up with old friends, and enjoy the swanky spot under the stars. Side note: This year’s California summer has been unusually cold. Step it up. I like my heat!! Now, take a gander at the outfit of the night below! Details directly underneath collage.


Outfit Details:

Little black dress with gold embroidery and sheer top: Forever 21

Heels: Jennifer Lopez, Kohl’s

Nails: Red (not pictured, well, sort of pictured)

Jewelry: Gold heart midi ring, gold chain bracelet, and gold midi & knuckle ring. (not pictured)

Watch: Gold, Michael Kors.

Makeup: Two different browns on lid, eyeliner on top and bottom, and mascara! Lip: Caramel colored lipstick and lip gloss. (Also, not pictured).

Will make sure to include photos of entire look in the future. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday, Pencils!

The Standard, Downtown LA.






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