Leopard Nail Art, Purrrr!

Happy Friday, Pencils! Is it me, or did this week drag on a little longer than it should have? Disclaimer: 30-second weather-related vent coming in 3…2… I cannot remember one week of consistent warmth in SoCal. What. Is. Going. On? “Summer,” and I put it in mock quotes, is almost done and over with, when it never really started. I’m a July baby. I remember July being the zenith of sunny warmth. Sunny/partly cloudy trend is not the business! ..And, I’m done. Scroll below the picture for details and instructions!

So, one of my nail art adventures was the leopard print (as seen above). Unlike the marble nail art, which was easy (once I got the hang of it), I found the leopard print easier to get the hang of and easier to do. I’m open to almost all of the nail colors, but I couldn’t help but notice that my basket of nail polish primarily consisted of different shades of pinks.  My favorite nail color at the moment has to be Sinful Color’s pink shade called “Boom Boom.” It’s a nice shade of pink with a rich hue, and it’s only $2 ($1.99 to be exact) and can be purchased at your local drugstore (Target, CVS, Walgreens). So, how do you create the leopard print design? Read below!


1) Apply a base coat on your ring finger (or middle finger). It’s up to you which finger or fingers you want with the leopard design. For purposes of achieving the look above, we’ll go with ring finger.

2) Apply white nail polish (two coats) on your ring finger.  Don’t go overboard because you don’t want your polish too thick.

3) Wait a few minutes to let the white polish dry. Get hasty and you’ll deal with polish smudges or air bubbles!

4) Using a nail blotting tool (sometimes referred to as a nail blotting pen), make 4-5 dots pink dots on your ring finger. The dots don’t have to be perfect, let alone perfect circles.

5) Again, wait a minute or two for the pink dots to dry.

6) Using a thin brush, dipped in black polish, outline the edges of the pink dots. As seen above, you can outline the top, bottom, left, and right side of the dots, and how many outlines (and where) can be completely up to you.

7) Wait a few minutes for the outlines to dry, and then using the same thin brush, draw a few black spots in the open spaces between the leopard spots.

8) Wait a minute or two,  and then seal the design with a top coat! Voila!

That wasn’t too bad, right?

Nail Polish Pictured:

1) Sinful Colors “Boom Boom

2) Wet N Wild “French White Cream

3) Wet N Wild “Black

4) Nail Blotting Tool : There are nail blotting tools that are sold separately, and there are those that come in an pack of different nail brushes. If you’re going to start experimenting with doing your own nails, you might as well as invest in a pack of nail brushes! eBay is a good place to start looking!

XO & Pencils,




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