Rhinestone Nail Art: Bling, Bling!

Hello Pencils,

Happy “Hump Day!” It just so happens that I am not a fan of Wednesdays. Why? Well, for one thing Wednesdays are a tease. They just are.

Anyway,  the collage below was my first time working with rhinestones. Since then, I’ve used them more and more, and I must say it just takes a few rhinestones to really give your nail art that “ooh-la-la” factor. All you need to incorporate rhinestones into your nail art are: rhinestones (thanks, Captain Obvious), clear nail polish, and a nail blotting tool. Don’t know what a nail blotting tool is? Please refer to my “Leopard Nail Art, Purr!” post to learn more.

Everything I used to achieve the nail look is pictured, so for this post I won’t list them items. Like I mentioned in my LNAP post, if you don’t have a rhinestone wheel already, get one!

Until next time…

XO & Pencils,Rola



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