5 Tips For A Happier You

1. Noun.
The state of being happy.

Happy Tuesday, Pencils! Happiness, for many,  has turned into a destination instead of a state of being. The chatter I’ve heard usually goes something like this: “If I get promoted, then I’ll be happy.” “If I I can buy a house before I’m 30, then I’ll be happy.” “If I can make it through a day without wanting to pull my hair, I’d be happy,” and you get the point. The issue with these statements aren’t the desires, it’s those pesky “ifs,” which signal conditionals and the idea that a person can’t have happiness without whatever it is that comes after his or her if. How exhausting that must be! So, how does a person achieve happiness or at least get closer to being happy instead of wanting to be happy? Realize that happiness has different degrees, and just because there will be days where you find yourself nowhere near the zenith of your own happiness, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t happy. Below are 5 tips for a happier who? You!

1. Smile. Say “cheese!” Smile to others. Smile in the mirror and notice your smile. Work those facial muscles. A smile is different from a sarcastic grin or an obligatory curve; those faux-smiles aren’t fooling anybody nor doing you or the receivers any good. So, perk up, and “eat the smile and spit out the teeth.”

2. Appreciate where you are now. Not where you were, not where you’ll be, but where you are NOW. Take a moment and recognize the good of that moment. You can be a little selfish and take more than one moment. The act of appreciation and self-appreciation is a powerful thing.


3. Warm socks fresh out of the dryer. A sweatshirt that has more holes than the ozone layer. Cooking. Basketball. Dancing. Snuggling under the covers with a good book on your lap and adventure on your mind. Doing things you love will never go out of style, so keep doing the things you love, and love the things you do.

4. Let go of things, people, and places weighing you down. Emotional hoarding thwarts happiness. You can’t make room for more smiles, laughter, and bliss, if you’re still holding onto sadness and anger from year’s past, cause you know,


5. Organize your life. That messy house, car, workspace, trunk, etc won’t clean itself! Organized people aren’t automatically happier people, but when’s the last time you heard an organized person grumble about coming home to a clean kitchen or immaculate room?


If I’ve failed you, you can at least be happy that you’ve reached the end of this post! 😉

XO & Pencil Chatter,




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