Happy Birthday, Justin Timberlake!

32 years ago Justin Timberlake was born, and my inner-teenage girl wanted to do a post about her favorite blue-eyed cutie, and, well, there’s no arguing with her. So, in honor of Justin’s birthday, I leave you with two great Justin moments.

1. The time Justin was on the verge of tears on Punk’D! I couldn’t find an official clip, so this recording will do.

2. Cause omelette you finish, but first let me sing a little something!


Two fashion moments. One hit and on miss!

1. Fashion miss! The bandana. The orange turtle neck. Say it isn’t so, Justin. Say it isn’t so!


2. Now, this is more like it. Hit!


“Cry Me A River,” without a doubt, is Justin’s best song to date, in my humble opinion. Every time I hear it, a part of me thinks a small part of him will always be angry at Britney “It’s Britney, B*tch” Spears for breaking his Tennessee heart, and “don’t it make you sad about it?” Yeah, I said it, but you were thinking it! Click on his live performance of the song in Madison Square Garden from a few years ago, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Have a great weekend, Bloggers!

XO & Pencil Chatter,



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