Because I Said I Would.

Hello Pencils,

Yes, yes, I know. It’s been too long, but I’m baaaack!  Some time last year I came across the “because I said would” movement which is a social movement and non-profit dedicated to the betterment of humanity. The movement is simple: Make promises, write them down on the “promise cards” and see to it that you keep and follow through your promises. In my humble opinion, there’s something powerful about writing something down. How many promises have you made today? How many of them have you kept? Broken? Haven’t completed yet? Would you be more willing to keep a promise if you wrote it down on paper? I felt that I would be more willing to keep my promises if I wrote them down, so I went ahead and requested some promise cards which were mailed to me free of charge. I won’t include pictures of my written promises yet; many of the promises are works-in-progress which haven’t been completed. I would like to create a follow up post with pictures of the promise cards and the promises themselves once completed. So, feeling inspired? Join me. I created this post tonight because, well, I said I would. 😉

With Love,




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