Top 5 Drugstore Favorites

Hello Pencils,

It’s 11:45 p.m right now, and I’m in the mood to pour myself another cup of milk and have just a few more of these delicious Trader Joe’s cookies.  I had some cookies earlier, and the cookie monster inside simply wants more. I may or may not answer my craving, but for now what I will do is share some of my Drugstore favorites because let’s face it, sometimes there’s no need to spend a lot of cheddar on department store brands.

  1. Up and Up facial Wipes-Target, $1.29 (usually found in the travel/to go section for a pack of 10)
    Why I like them: Removes makeup, inexpensive, and isn’t harsh on your skin. You can always find a pack of Up and Up facial wipes in my purse.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Color, Touch of Spice, $7.49 at and usually around the same pricepoint at Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc.
Why I like it: The color is a pretty pinkish/brown with a touch of spice (hence the name) and has a great matte finish so much so that a lipliner isn’t needed. Optional: Exfoliate your lips with a lip brush, put on chapstick or primer, then lipstick. Touch of Spice, Nyx’s Mauve, and any color within that family is popular this year and fitting for the upcoming fall season if you don’t want to jump into berries, plums, and dark reds just yet.

3. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer Eyeliner, $4.13 at Target

Why I like it: For someone with smaller eyes, or more crescent shaped eyes, applying nude eyeliner on your lower lash line can make them really pop! Glides on smoothly, applies easily and removes easily, too. Nude eyeliner adds a nice touch to a makeup look that’s more natural and with highlight (hello, strobing) which has taken the place of conturing. Let’s face it, who really has all that time to contour their face with all those creams?

4. Loreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation, $12.99 at Target

Why I like it: Lightweight and creamy, foundation goes on smooth. Hides imperfection and doesn’t feel thick. I also like the feel of the tube. It’s flat and doesn’t take up space, and you don’t need a lot of product on your face either. $12.99 is a lot easier on my wallet than my previous foundation which was $30! Tip: If they’re testers, try the color on your neck to see if it blends with your natural color!

5. Elf Shine Erase Oil-blotting sheets, $1 Target

Why I like them: They get the job done and for only a $1, for what more could I ask? I could pay $4 for another more well-known and more expensive brand, but there’s no need. Travel pack fits in your purse, makeup bag, wallet, etc.

There you have it, Pencils, my top 5 current drugstore favorites. What are your current drugstore favorites and why? Leave a comment!

Until next time,



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