5 things Girls Should Stop Doing. Girl, please.

With 2015 coming to a close, here are 5 things girls should stop doing. If you’re guilty of any or all of these offenses, there’s hope! Go into 2016 and leave the following behind because if it makes someone say or think #girlplease, it’s a no-no!


  1. Stop with the ducklips, Kylie Jenner-esque lips (we can see your natural lip line, your overlining isn’t fooling anyone and looks ridic), seductive half-open mouth pucker, the forced closed lips, no teeth smile, eyes, kissy face expressions. Don’t do this on Facebook. Don’t do this on Twitter.  Don’t do this on Instagram.  Don’t do this on Tumblr, and surely don’t do it on Snapchat and don’t add it to your story. No one should see it more than once and for 24 hours. It’s not cute. It’s not authentic. Girl, please.


2. Stop with the artificial friendships. “Artificial” and “friendship” should never be in the same sentence but with girls these days, it is. The same girl who lambasts a girl behind her back, is the same one taking a picture with her a second later and hashtagging it “bestie.” Don’t be that girl and stay away from that girl. In the words of Drake, “I got [girls] askin’ me about the code for the Wi-Fi, so they can talk about they timeline. And show me pictures of their friend, just to tell me they ain’t really friends.” If Drake can see through it, so can everybody else. Girl, please.


3. Stop walking, talking, dressing, and acting like every other girl. For the ones who knew you before you became this shape-shifting, inauthentic, chameleon, they aren’t buying what you’re selling and they don’t have to. Newsflash: They like you for YOU. If you’re boring, flaunt it! If you don’t like nail polish, it’s okay. If you don’t whip or nae nae, you can do the hokey pokey, but whatever you do, stop being a clone.  The world doesn’t need any more mannequins. Girl, please.


4. Stop with humble-bragging. Stop with the humble-bragging on social media, too.  “Almost thought I lost my ID, when the cashier at Target carded me for buying cough syrup.” “Walked around my high school campus. It’s been ten years but a sophomore thought I was a senior. Awk.” Flagrant humble bragging. Humblebragging for the sake of “likes” and attention? No, just no. Stop it. Girl, please.


5. Stop posing with your chipotle. Stop posing with your hookah. Stop posing with your e-cigarette. Stop posing with your  nails on your car’s steering wheel strategically placed on the car’s emblem and captioning it “nails done.” Just stop. Like these things because you like these things; stop liking them because you think everyone else does, too. What happened to originality? If you become consumed with doing things to get noticed, you’ve lost touch. Girl, please.


Have anymore to add to my list? Feel free to do so in the “comments” section!



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