5 Things You Should Do Right Now!

Feelin’ like an insomniac? Well, that makes two of us! Before sleep overcomes you, keep reading to find out what 5 things you should do right now. No, reading this blog post doesn’t count one of the 5 things, so, wipe that smug look off your face. 😉

  1. Do something nice for your parents/legal guardians/caregivers. Somewhere along the way after we’ve blossomed into independent, full-functioning, awesome and busy adults we forget about the adults who paved the way and helped shape us. Let’s not wait until an annual holiday reminds us to do something nice. Do it. Call. Text. Send a package. Send a letter. Blow up an old photo. Get creative.

2. Go on a social media detox, now! Well, right after you finish reading this post! Believe it or not, if you don’t Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook check-in, or Tweet your lunch, selfie, gym workout session, and workflow, those things still can happen and do. Sometimes, we get too wrapped up in making our lives seem so lively on social media. So, if you’re guilty of doing so, delete the social media apps from your smartphone and go social media free for one week. Disconnect from finding out where your friends are and reconnect to finding out where you are when you’re not distracted by the time-wasters.

3. Write a letter to your future self. No, I’m not talkin’ e-mail. I’m talking good old-fashioned pencil (or pen) to paper. Write about whatever you want. Seal the letter and don’t open it until a future date; choose a date at least two years in advance. What’s the point? There’s something powerful of putting something down on paper. Wants, hopes, dreams, goals. Jot it down. You’ll thank me now, and you’ll thank me later.

4. Go to your local dollar store, and buy medium or large ziplock bags. Fill them with travel-sized toiletries, granola bars, and $5 gift cards to places like Coffee Bean, Starbucks, McDonald’s etc. Keep these ziplock bags in you car, and every time you see someone who may be homeless, down on his or her luck, or in need, give away a bag.

5.  Replace every negative thought you have with a positive one.






Join the pencil chatter, and tell me what you think!

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