Lemongrass & Love

It’s a quiet Tuesday night, and I’m feeling relaxed thanks to my Urpower diffuser and the aroma of my DoTerra LemonGrass essential oil that’s misting right next to me. I’m new to the essential oils world and learning as I go. Each essential oil has its own benefits and properties when inhaled, applied topically, or diffused. For now, I’m choosing to only diffuse the essential oils I have until I learn more.

I was unable to get a good night’s sleep last night, and I pretty much tossed and turned throughout the night. If I had to make a guess, I got one hour, if that, of uninterrupted sleep. I’ve never been one to take a nap, but I was beyond tired today  that I just had to. I added a lavender essential oil to my diffuser, found a meditation app, and was able to fall asleep in less than fifteen minutes. It. Was. Wonderful.

I want to hear from you: What do you do to relax? Yoga? Meditation? Do you use essential oils? Are there specific ones you recommend?

Breathe in. Exhale. Repeat.

Until next time,





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