Crunchy Remedies

3 Things You Should Be Drinking But Aren’t


  1. Warm water with lemon. Start your morning with this and end your night with it, too. If warm water and lemon is too tart for you, you can add raw organic honey. So, what are the benefits? Lemon juice contains plenty of Vitamin C; you’ll be starting and ending your day with good amounts of Vitamin C. Lemons are a natural source that the body can absorb quickly. Warm water and lemon aid in the production of digestion juices.
    lemon water.jpeg

2. Water with mint, cucumber, and lemon. Benefit of cucumbers: Cucumbers are a good source of vitamin B. You already know the benefits of lemon (as mentioned in #1). Mint: palate cleanser and aids in digestion.


3. Water with ginger, raw honey,  lemon, cinnamon or turmeric. Benefits: Turmeric-natural anti-inflammatory compound.  Ginger-Can treat many forms of nausea/morning sickness. May reduce muscle pain and soreness and may reduce menstrual pain. Raw honey: can soothe a sore throat. Anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


What do all of these drinks have in common? Water! If you aren’t accustomed to drinking warm water, get used to it. Warm water alone is extremely soothing! Whine now, and thank me later.